History of BTC


Our facility and hilltop area has a tennis history that is steeped in tradition. The Highland Racquet and Riding Club was founded in 1966, located on the Hotchkiss mansion property adjacent to our facility. The original "Masters" tennis tournament was held here for four years and included such greats as Rod Laver, Pancho Gonzales, and Billy Jean King!


In 1970, two outdoor courts and a pool were built, and the Mill Street Racquet and Riding Club was founded. Two more indoor courts were added in 1974, as well as a lounge and locker rooms. In 1976, the facility then became part of Broome Racquet Club, a corporation that consisted of three separate tennis facilities. Its name changed to Broome Racquet East.


In 1983, we became independent once again, and the Binghamton Tennis Center was born. Since that time, our ownership and management have remained the same. We continue to serve the community as an established-yet evolving-tennis and family facility!