Tennis camp wk6.HEIC

The Binghamton Tennis Center has designed a comprehensive junior pathway, entitled Junior Competitive Tennis Pathway (JCTP) that will take your child through the various stages of development in a systematic, fun and engaging process. The professional teaching staff will be implementing a curriculum style program where every week there will be a new focus to help our students progress to the next level within the program itself.

Most classes will run for 6 week sessions

*denotes a pro-rated program*


Most Classes 6 week sessions 


  • ​*Session 1: 9/7- 10/17*

  • *Session 2: 10/18 - 11/28*

  • *Session 3: 11/29 - 1/16*

  • Session 4: 1/17 - 2/27

  • Session 5: 2/28 - 4/10

  • Session 6: 4/11 - 5/22


*Session 2: No classes from 11/24 to 11/26

*Session 3: No classes from 12/23 to 01/02



 Ages 4-7 Foam & Red Ball (21"-23" racs)                                                                  $96 per session/ $20 per class

 Friday 4-5pm

Saturday 11:30-12:30


This program is designed for our players who are 4-7 years of age. They will be utilizing the 36 foot court along with red or foam balls depending on their age and ability. Within our quick start program there will be 4 levels of play. The kids will be progressing once again based on a variety of skill sets (e.g., physical, mental, tactical). Students can use a racquet up to a size of 23” on this court.

 Orange Ball

Ages 8-9, Orange dot Ball, (25" rac)                                                   $96 per session/ $20 per class

Orange 1 - Thursday 5-6

Orange 2 & 3 - Thursday 4-5

Orange 1&2&3 - Saturday 12:30-1:30


This program will consist of 3 different orange ball levels. The kids in the orange ball program will range from 8-10yrs of age. During this phase of training the players will learn to develop the proper movement forward, lateral and diagonally. They will begin to utilize a full swing on all of the ground strokes and the top court will exhibit proficiency in most of the strokes. The players can use a racquet up to a size 25” on this court.

Green Ball


      Ages 9-10, Green dot Ball (26"-27" rac)                                  $150 per session/ $30 per class

                                                                                      $125 for 5 wk session

Monday 4-5:30

Saturday 12:30-2:00


This program will consist of 2 different levels. The kids in the green ball program will range fro 9-10yrs of age. There will be a lower level court for students who are new to the game and need to build up a foundation of skills. The upper level courts will consist of players who have gone through the JCTP program and have progressed through the levels accordingly and have shown proficiency in the skills required to move on. Players can use up to a 26” racquet with the green balls.



Ages 11-17, Green ball- Yellow ball                                         $210 per session/ $40 per class

                                                                                  $175 per 5 wk session

Silver I - Tuesday 4:00-6:00

                Sunday 12:00-2:00

      Silver II - Wednesday 4:00-6:00

                Sunday 2:00-4:00

Silver I:  This program is for students aged 11-17 who are still building a solid foundation, transitioning from green ball clinics and those who are new to  playing tennis and are being introduced to the game possibly for the first time. Players in this group will range in skills and ability. The introductory levels will be taught initially with the green balls to help them become successful at rallying and to shorten the learning curve with a slightly slower and lower bouncing ball. This will help the child maintain a consistent contact point.

Silver II: This program is designed for students’ ages 11-17 that has experience playing the game of tennis and has a good foundation. This group is designed for players who have come up through the program but choose not to play tournaments but are rather thinking about playing on their school teams in the future or even to learn a lifelong sport. This group will include JV players and high school students who are playing doubles on their teams and may include some singles players as well. This program will touch on singles play but will place a higher emphasis on doubles play.




High School Singles/Tournament players (10+ Green)                       $210 per session/ $40  per class

Friday 4-6:00pm

Sunday 4-6:00pm


Gold Group:  The program will be designed to help our varsity singles players and/or tournament players achieve success in their singles match play. We will focus on the tactical, mental, physical, and strategic aspects of the game. These players will either be playing USTA tournaments or playing varsity singles on their respective high school teams*.   We will have a portion of fitness each clinic run by one of our staff to help the students achieve their tennis goals.

                     *subject to approval from staff​

Green Ball Gold: This program will consist of players who are currently playing green ball USTA tournaments and participating in our clubs JTT programs along with any match play that may be offered. These students will be introduced to the importance of fitness in tennis, specialty shots and more play opportunities. Players will begin to prepare to move to yellow balls and to a full sized racquet of 27”.