Junior Ladder



Our ladder has been running for many seasons, and hundreds of our juniors have used our ladder to help them improve upon strategy and match play experience. A great compliment to our JCTP and lesson programs, our junior ladder is a must if you want to advance to tournament competition. Brand new to our ladder is incorporating our Quickstart 10 & under program into our ladder system. We now run mini 21 point ladder matches on a shortened lined court for 10 & under juniors. For our 8 & under juniors we use our 36 foot net and run parallel to the court, using the doubles alleys as a baseline. Works great and kids love playing!


Our junior ladder runs Saturdays from 2-4pm - October to April - $15/match. Sign-up by Thursday 5pm, and call back Thursday evening for your match start time. One must to be a BTC junior member. To join, please contact our front desk.


Travel Team

Our ever popular year round team will play matches throughout the indoor season against other clubs in the upstate region, as well as travel on weekend excursions to ETA sanctioned events. You must be a BTC junior member to participate. Match cost will be around $15/match and our weekend trips will be around $150 all expenses included.



Competition is an important part of ones development. Knowing that, BTC has implemented a 3 tier process. The 1st stage is to compete in ladder matches, which is followed by playing in a Junior Team Tennis League. After that comes tournament play.


BTC hosts four ETA tournaments yearly as well as running summer round robins. Round robins are open to anyone and typically last 3-4 hours. One is guaranteed to play a lot of tennis, win or lose. Tournaments vary in in level of play depending upon the rating.














To compete in the above tournaments one must be a member of the USTA. It is easy to join by clicking on the above link, and there are many advantages!To enter tournaments and see the USTA/Eastern tournament schedule, click on the link. There is an array of information on this site, including current rankings for all ages groups.