HEAD adds a 110 square inch option to the Instinct family! The new HEAD Instinct PWR 110 not only makes it easy to hit with depth and pace it offers a seductive level of maneuverability, making it easier for you to scramble on defense, whip up spin or close the net and finish points. In addition giving you extra leverage on groundies and more reach at net, this 27.4 inch racquet offers an undeniable boost in serving power over its standard sized equivalents. The Instinct PWR 110 also benefits from Graphene 360+ which combines the power and stability of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower head for better feel. In addition to being a great option for the beginners, the Instinct 110 PWR is suitable for the savvy doubles veteran who wants a powerful serving racquet that plays great at net.

Head Instinct Power 110

  • 110 in head size

    27.4 inch length


    Balance Even