Binghamton Tennis Center's

Pickleball Professional Staff

Zorano Tubo "Coach Z"
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Is the USA Pickleball’s District Ambassador for South Eastern New York. Responsible for helping to promote pickleball by any means necessary. Including Social media, Television Interviews, and Lectures around the country. Particularly to Non-Profit and Profit organizations who have no idea how pickleball can help create a new revenue stream for them.


Coach “Z”orano (sometimes called Coach “Z”) is also New York's first Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional.

Realizing that pickleball can and does help improve quality of health and life for Juniors and Seniors, Tubo works tirelessly to get pickleball into the public and private school systems and every park and recreation center that will hear his message. “Pickleball is a 3 Generational Sport”. Grandma and Grandpa, and their children, and their children can all be on the court playing. Recreationally, and Competitively.


As a retired broadcast engineer in a family of six (with 5 chickens), Coach “Z”orano,  somehow found time to be a player before turning to Teaching and Coaching Players.

His playing experience includes over 40 Gold and Silver Medals which started at the 3.5 Level and ranges to the 5.0 Level. Zorano enjoys playing Mens Doubles, Mixed Doubles, but shy’s away from Singles. He jokingly shares that singles puts him one ankle twist away from Teaching Pickleball, which is his greatest passion at this time of his life.


His entire family (minus the chickens), play and love pickleball. Including his Eldest daughter (currently at Penn State), who is on his team of IPTPA Certified Teaching Instructors. She was certified by IPTPA President Seymour Rifkind himself. 


Zorano is currently one of about 12 IPTPA Master Teaching Professionals Nationally and Internationally.


*Level II CPTP (Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional)

*CRS 5 (Certified Rating Specialist) (Which qualifies him to rate players from Beginner thru the Advanced Levels)

*IPTPA Director (Which qualifies him to Teach and Certify other Players to Teach at the Beginner thru the    Advanced Levels).


Coach “Z” is very excited to partner with the BTC and help bring high quality pickleball instruction as well as attract the top players to head to the Southern Tiers newest pickleball establishment. Leagues, Shootouts, Clinics (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Juniors Camps, Tournaments, Ratings and Ladies Nights’s out are just a few of the exciting programs Coach “Z” and the BTC  wlll be rolling out. 


Hope to see you on the courts!

Coach “Z”orano Tubo

Lesson Cost $75 Individual

Semi Private $35 per player Minimum 3 players. Coach can be the 4th

Ratings $33 if 3 players are getting rated at the same time +$15 IPTPA registration fee

Ratings $45 for one person being rated +$15 IPTPA registration fee

Tiniira Tubo "Coach T"
Certified Pickleball Instructor

Tiniira Tubo is the youngest member of the team. Truth be told, she is the youngest IPTPA Certified Instructor Nationally and Internationally.


Don’t let her age fool you. She is quite skilled and understands the importance of the soft and hard game, and when to apply each on the pickleball court. “T” also has a handful of Gold and Silver medals to her credit, having paired up with her younger sister to help build her medal count.

Tiniira received her Level 1 Certification after 4 hours of in class instruction, 4 hours of on court instruction by IPTPA President Seymour Rifkind himself. And finally taking and passing the written exam that all IPTPA instructors are required to complete. Needless to say she is definitely qualified and capable as a player and instructor.

“T” is very unique, because the average age of pickleball players to date is in the early to mid sixties. Having this young, energetic and well rounded player on the Team as a player and instructor will help bring in the younger athletes who may think pickleball (That game with the silly name), is just for “Old People “. And nothing could be further from the truth. We are very excited to have Tiniira “T” on board at the BTC.

Steve Smith Pickleball.jpg
Steve Smith
Certified Pickleball Instructor

Steve Smith, Elmira born native, is 36 and a new breed of Pickleball player and teacher. Steve's fast pace and aggressive style allows him to take control of the court while dictating what happens within games. Don't bring him to the net!!!!!.


Although Steve loves being aggressive, he is also known for having "Baby Hands", which is Steve's signature ways to teach. Soft hands at the NVZ, allows for a huge advantage. 

Steve is a well rounded and very well known player across all of New York and surrounding States. He has won multiple tournaments at the highest levels, including The New York State Classic on multiple occasions.


Besides his decorated playing record, Steve loves helping, teaching, and growing pickleball in his community. Steve is a USAPA Ambassador for the Elmira, NY area and  a certified level 1 IPTPA Instructor.


He has run tournaments, and helped build Pickleball Programs at Two local facilities: Joycrest Sports and CCFFC Gym  where he was the Pickleball Director.


Steve has set high goals for him self as a player and a teacher. Becoming IPTPA Level 2 Certified, A Certified Referee, and IPTPA Rating Specialist is just a short list of upcoming goals set by this young man.


Coach “Z”orano and The BTC are thrilled to welcome Steve to our list of qualified and certified instructors.

Ken Henderson.jpg
Ken Henderson
CRS 5 Certified Ratings Specialist

Ken Henderson: Director & Founder of Traveling Pickleball Pros. IPTPA Level 2 CPTP (Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional), CRS 5 (Certified Ratings Specialist) and US Open Champion.

Vast Coaching experience includes: Teaching thousands of Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Players both privately and in Group Clinics throughout 12 States all over the Northeast & Florida.


He enjoys teaching Players of all Levels the fundamentals of Pickleball and the finer points of the Game. Written up in Forbes magazine Ken also has directed very successful Tournaments, Pickleball Festivals, Round Robin Socials & Intermediate/Advanced Boot Camps.

Competitive Tournament experience includes:

  • 2018 US Open Gold Medalist

  • 2017 US Nationals Singles & Doubles Bronze Medalist

  • 2019 US Open Silver Medalist.

  • He has also won the Gold Medal in Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles at NY, CT, NJ, Mass & NH Masters Games in 2017 & 2018.


Ken enjoys partnering up with some of the best players in the Country (Including Coach “ Z”), while Co-Directing World Class Clinics with them.

Cole Hessler
Certified Pickleball Instructor

My name is Cole Hessler, newly certified IPTPA level 1 instructor. I’m a 2019 Union Endicott graduate, and am currently enrolled in Suny BCC for mathematics. After discovering pickleball and immensely enjoying it, I spend every moment I can on the court.

Yes, I’m one of the newest guys on the team, and work hard to improve my skills, learning from the best( Coach Z). I look forward to meeting and working with any and all beginner players, and in time, acquiring my Level 2 Certification which will qualify me to assist the intermediate thru advanced Levels as well.

Coach “C”ole