BTC Pro shop offers a large variety of string choices. We provide quality stringing with quick turn around, usually 24 -48 hours. Our stringer, Clark Crawford, has been stringing racquets for over 20 years and is knowledgeable in the latest techniques and racquet technology. We string in a Babolat electronic machine to ensure accurate tension and quality.

Much of our stringing includes a Luxion type string. Durable yet flexible, Luxilon adds topspin, a desirable quality for most players. Most pros now use Luxilon or a Luxilon type string in their main string and place a synthetic or premium blend in their cross strings. We call this a Hybrid string. Besides Luxilon, we carry the RPM Blast from Babolat & Sonic Pro from Head. 

Stringing Prices

Synthetic Gut


Wilson Syn Gut Power 16g-               $ 24.00

Babolot Syn Gut Spiralex 16g-              24.00

Head PPS Syn Gut 16g-                        24.00

Premium Blends 

Wilson 4G                                 $34.00             Babolat Xcel                               34.00            Head Lynx                                  30.00            Wilson Sensation                       30.00              Head Velocity 17G                      28.00                             

Hybrid strings 


Babalot RPM Blast & Team-                               32.00

Head Hawk Touch                                               32.00

Wilson Luxilon Adrenaline & Element                 32.00

Wilson Luxilon Savage                                        30.00

Head Sonic Pro Hybrid-                                      30.00